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CIF Innovative Tandem Collaborations

Call for Applications

Download this Call (PDF):

CIF Innovative Tandem Collaborations

The University of Cologne will be awarding five project grants (€15,000 each) annually for project-related Innovative Tandem Collaborations between University of Cologne-based academics and international junior researchers, who will be assigned a leading role.

The project grants will be awarded on an individual basis, but linked to a project. Academic tandems made up of one University of Cologne-based academic and one international junior academic (postdoc) can apply. The application is to be made jointly, but the funds are put at the disposal of the international partner, who also decides on their use.

Novel, unconventional formats of international collaboration are favoured.



Applications for Innovative Tandem Collaborations can be submitted at any time. A selection by the CIF academic board takes place twice a year.

Junior international researchers with a PhD can apply with an employed University of Cologne-based host (postdoc).

A comprehensive project description as well as a list of the measures the funds are intended to finance and, where applicable, a clarification of innovatory aspects is required.

Application form


Selection Criteria:

  • Academic quality and significance of the project (e.g. academic relevance, innovation and originality; where applicable special interdisciplinary orientation)
  • Innovative character of the collaboration and the cooperative measures (e.g. originality of content; special formats of cooperation; constructive inclusion of teaching and professional development of junior academics)
  • Contribution to sustainable international relationships (e.g. setting up of a permanent international relationship; likelihood of follow-on projects or continued cooperation; establishment of joint teaching offers; institutional expansion)



The project funding is output-oriented. The project is concluded with a clearly defined result, which is recognisable as the collective product of the cooperation between the University of Cologne-based partner and the international partner. Beyond this general requirement, there are no stipulations (formats can be, for example: joint publication, OERs, video/film, workshop/conference, web-based application/presentation, database/web archive, collective teaching projects).

A public event (on-site/hybrid/digital) at CIF must be carried out in the course of the project.

The nominated international academic can use up to 3 x €3,000 of the funds as a personal grant, unrelated to location (or spent in Cologne at CIF), for a period of up to three months or for materials related to the project or to award sub-grants.


Format and eligibility of measures:

Any measure that is suited to successfully completing the cooperative project is eligible for funding. The researchers have greatest possible freedom in the spending of the funds.


Eligible measures can be, for example:

  • Own research stay in Cologne (max. 3 months at €3,000 ) or own non-residential (not tied to a location) research grant (max. 3 months at €3.000)
  • Awarding writing grants to third parties
  • Clearly defined research commissions to third-parties for field research, literature reports, comparative studies, source/archive appraisals etc.
  • Workshops (on-site/hybrid/digital)
  • Conference preparation/realisation
  • Collective teaching projects (e.g. hybrid seminars/lecture series/tandem teaching)
  • Hybrid cooperation
  • Individual lectures or lecture series
  • Expert research reports
  • Mobility/travel funds (up to 40% of project funds also for travel and short stays of UoC project personnel)
  • Fees (for international authors/conference participants/speakers)
  • Undergraduate/research assistant to support project (max. 4 months per project)
  • Necessary project-related administrative costs (e.g. printing costs, software, hardware, special technology—standard products such as laptops, tablets, webcams etc. only in justified exceptional cases)
  • Sub-projects with unusual formats and partners
  • …and many more….

Budgetary limitations and requirements are to be respected. Please refer to the Guidelines for the Use of CIF-Funds.


Approved projects must be carried out within the course of one year from the time of approval. Later completion is only possible in exceptional circumstances.



In 2022: Call for proposals from July 1st to September 30th 2022, selection on November 15th 2022


From 2023:

Submission of applications:  Any time

Selection decision: June 15th /December 15th respectively

Realisation (incl. event at CIF): Within a year of approval

Submission of short report: Three months after project concluded