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Cologne International Forum

Innovative tandem collaborations:

Dr. Federico G. Corsi (Italy) on 'The Atoms of Epicurus,' with Jürgen Hammerstaedt, Professor for Classical Philology and Papyrology at University of Cologne.

Dr. Somayeh Khademi (Iran) on  'The Comparison of Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in Geography Classes in North-Rhine Westphalia and Iran', supported by Prof. Alexandra Budke from the Institute of Geography Education.

The Director for the International Research Cluster for 2023 will be Michaela Pelican, Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology. She is coordinating four projects with partners from the Universities of Bamenda (Cameroon) and Chulalongkorn (Thailand), focussing on lesser known conflicts in Cameroon and Myanmar and resarching the migration patterns resulting from them.


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