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Cologne International Forum Grants:
Two Funding Lines

The intention of the Cologne International Forum’s two funding lines is to support international networking and the consolidation of outstanding research projects at the University of Cologne, as well as to stimulate innovative new international cooperation projects with international junior academics.

In accordance with these two core objectives, the Cologne International Forum makes annual calls for proposals along the following two funding lines


1. One-year directorship of the International Research Cluster (one-year programme) for experienced researchers at the University of Cologne, enabling the realisation of up to 5 internationalisation projects for comprehensive international, possibly also interdisciplinary, networking within the framework of a central research focus.

The call for the 2024 Cologne International Forum Cluster will be published soon. Deadline for cluster applications will be 31 August 2023. Please register for the newsletter and follow us on Twitter to stay informed.  


2. Five (5) Innovative Tandem Collaborations a year to enable international junior researchers to realise a pioneering project, planned in collaboration with a partner based at the University of Cologne, preferably aimed at initiating longer-term collaboration.

Please apply by 31 March or 31 August 2023!

Further Funding Opportunities

Divison 7 "Research Management" supports researchers of the University of Cologne with regard to all administrative processes of their third-party funded projects. Our Departments provide comprehensive and extensive support in the application, project and contract management and audits of external grants.