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Scientific Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Axel Freimuth, Rector
  • Prof. Dr. Johanna Hey, Vice-Rector for International Affairs
  • Prof. Dr. Bettina Rockenbach, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Gürtler, Vice-Dean for Research at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kempen, Dean of the Faculty of Law
  • Prof. Dr. Konrad Brockmeier, Faculty Representative for Internationalisation of the Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Anke Ortlepp, Vice-Dean for International Affairs of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Paul H.M. van Loosdrecht, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 
  • Prof. Dr. Birgit Träuble, Vice-Dean for Research and Innovation of the Faculty of Human Sciences
Non-voting members:

  • Dr. Heike Berner, Managing Director Cologne International Forum
  • Dr. Johannes Müller, Head of Dep. 94, International Science