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Thin Films of Aziridinium-Based Hybrid Perovskites:

From Fundamental Understanding Towards Optoelectronic Applications


Cologne International Forum Innovative Tandem Collaboration: September 2023 - August 2024

Dr. Olesia Kucheriv (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Partner at the University of Cologne: Dr. Selina Olthof (Chemistry)


Hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites are a type of materials that combine organic and inorganic components. Their key feature is semiconductivity which allows to use the offered materials as active layers in different device. These materials offer several advantages such as their easy processability in solution-based techniques, the capacity to change their physical properties through simple chemical modifications, and their exceptional charge-transfer properties.

An important application for these materials is their utilization in producing highly efficient solar panels. These panels effectively convert sunlight into electrical energy. Beyond this, there is ongoing exploration of their potential in crafting specialized light sensors, miniature LEDs, and even lasers.

Until recently, the synthesis of these materials was mostly performed using only two organic cations. Recently a research team from Ukraine has identified the third type of cation that allows to obtain hybrid perovskites with low band gaps. However, this new type of perovskites remains largely non-investigated.

Hence, this Tandem Collaboration aims to study these novel hybrid materials. The objective is to generate thin layers of new perovskite materials and analyse their behaviour. The primary emphasis of this project is to attain a better comprehension of these materials' functionality and their potential for enhancing photovoltaic and optoelectronic devices. This project will establish lasting collaborations and facilitate joint research initiatives. Thanks to the creation of a tandem of two researchers which have complementary expertise, multiple joint investigations of new perovskite materials will become possible.

Photo: Hanna Petrosova

Interview with Dr. Olesia Kucheriv

»These findings are like a roadmap guiding us toward creating better electronic gadgets using our special films.«


Dr. Olesia Kucheriv

Dr. Olesia Kucheriv is a junior research associate of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. She has defended her PhD thesis entitled “Phase transition materials for microwave radiation switching” in 2022. The focus of her research work is target synthesis of new compounds with pre-defined properties and their application. Currently her research interests are mostly dedicated to new hybrid perovskites. In this field, the implementation of specific cations allows to modify the properties of final product.

Her expertise includes as well fabrication of nano and composite materials. One of the important characteristics which she studies in the obtained materials is the ability to undergo phase transitions which are followed by the change of selected physical properties. In this regard she has extensive experience in working with spin-crossover coordination complexes. She performed investigations of switchable materials which can be used for microwave radiation tuning, enantioselective detection, optical switching, etc. Dr. Olesia Kucheriv as well has a vast experience of international collaborations. She has been a visiting researcher in different chemical laboratories in Romania, Poland and France, which allowed her to master new experimental techniques and achieve attractive results.